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You are safe here. Relax. Take a deep breath.

Just be you. Dive in. 

I want to talk to you about beauty and what it means to be beautiful.

Do you think you're beautiful? Do you think you're beautiful even though your face is starting to show wrinkles and you have a new belly now that you're getting older? Do you think you're beautiful even though you don't have a botoxed face and filled up lips? 

I'll answer for you, YES YOU ARE!!

Beauty is not what you have been taught to think it is. Beauty is 100% an internal thing. Yet despite the wonderful "beauty on the inside" movement you're still feeling "not good enough." That's only because you haven't been told what beauty really is and how to access this type of beauty until now... 

Feeling ugly stems from a deficit of love, never of beauty.

Inner beauty begins with healing. We all have something to heal. That's why you're feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, anxious, stressed and confused. That's why you're turning to the outside world to numb these sensations and to get a quick fix of happiness or satisfaction. But that's all a bandaid. To truly feel peace and freedom, joy and happiness, you must turn inward. In doing this, you access self love and healing which inevitably amplifies all the beauty, self-worth and confidence that lives inside of you. 

It's a simple PHx. It's time to love. It's time to heal. It's time to become extraordinarily beautiful. 

Take a deep and cleansing breath...
Authenticity, peace, joy and freedom

"What you seek is seeking you."  ~Rumi

Hello beautiful!

I'm Alejandra and I got you. Welcome to The PHx Co.

I've helped hundreds of women shift their focus from the external world where they thought beauty, happiness and fulfilment were found yet continued to struggle with discontent, stress and anxiety, to a life of extraordinary beauty filled with self-worth, self-love and healing. 

Everything in our society points to fixing things externally. But this in itself creates chaos within - hence the anxiety you feel daily. 

If what you seek is peace, freedom, contentment, self love & worth, joy, equanimity, authenticity and beauty, you must go inward, learn deeply about who you are, face and challenge the ugly perspectives that have been taught to us through society, heal some wounds, and ultimately PHx (fix) the way you see life.

Beauty is when love becomes visible. 

Take a deep breath my love, because you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment. I am a seeker of truth and beauty and I have created an entire way of life called The PHx. Here you will learn the "how-to" go inward and get a new perspective on navigating your life. I'll teach you the tools you can use to gain peace, joy, clarity and freedom. I'll give you tips, insights and strategies that cut through the BS, the bandaid + the fluff, and get you reacquainted with yourself while connecting to your beauty within. 

PHx = Healing.

Healing = love.

Love = beauty.

​Join me as we keep each other Company with open hearts and open minds while we do the work to find your freedom. 




Your starter PHx: 30 day self-love calendar

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