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Happiness in Valencia

A little about me.

Hi again. This is me and my daughter Amelia. 

That photo gallery above, is a snippet of some people and things I love. I love being a mom & wife. I love being a sister & a good friend. I love to travel. I love beaches, that’s where I find peace and clarity. I love asking hard questions. I love philosophy, spirituality and psychology. I love to write, it’s how I make sense of the world. I love to seek out truth and beauty. I have been doing this my whole life. I think life is extraordinarily beautiful. And you know what else? I think I am extraordinarily beautiful…gasp! How do I have the audacity to say that when I’m definitely not celebrity-model-status beautiful. I know, but that’s where the story begins…

What is The PHx? 

It all started 25 years ago when I had had it with feeling not pretty enough and not good enough, it was subtle as I’m sure you know, it's always there, like a quiet hum. I wondered what and who am I? Who was I striving to be? Why couldn’t I feel satisfied with who I was? Why was I striving to reach something that I couldn’t attain? (I told you I liked asking the hard questions). I was depressed, anxious, spiritually bankrupt and thought there was no way out.

A guy I was dating thought I was "f*cked up but had enormous potential" (for the record, he too thought he was several shades of F'd up hence why he recognized it in me). We decided we both could benefit from a 10-day Noble Silence Meditation. We tossed a coin to see who would go first and away he went. I had 10 more days to continue being "fucked up" and then off I went. 

It changed my life. And shortly thereafter, I came to a mind-blowing realization:  

A huge percentage of our issues come from or are associated with beauty, our perceptions of beauty, what we are striving for and how we are wanting to fit in and be perceived.

I embarked on a life-long commitment and journey in search of truth, peace, freedom, love and beauty. I dove deep into the world of philosophy, Buddhism, psychology, spirituality and healing. It was on this path that I discovered what extraordinary beauty looks like and it’s not what we are conditioned to believe. Beauty is not found in the superficial. Beauty is found in the flavour of the soul, in the essence of your being and thus, The PHx was born. (click for full story). This became my new brand of beauty. My new beacon of light that once tapped into, no external influence could ever be able to instruct my life, self-worth and my deep sense of beauty again. I became free.

Why do you do this? 

My sole purpose for this is YOU.


I want you to have what I have found - peace, harmony, laughter, happiness, beauty, wisdom, joy, truth and equanimity. No easy feat in today’s culture since those things aren’t easily found. In fact, everything in our culture points you away from that or merely places a bandaid on the pain. 

But I promise you, it's attainable, you just need a bit of guidance and that’s what The PHx is here to do. Will everything be perfect once you implement The PHx way? Of course not and that is simply life. But you will definitely get better at navigating life. At navigating the stress and anxiety that you once didn’t understand, drove you to hate the fact that you're getting older and made you become besties with the local plastic surgeon. 

I can genuinely say that despite life sometimes sending me a shit sandwich, I’m still able to navigate these lessons with a level head, humour and a lightness of being. 

I will show you the way my beautiful friend. I will show you where to look and how to navigate this new headspace. I will unpack life situations and provide you clarity by exposing those social influences and pressures that are causing you anxiety and discontentment; fundamentally not allowing you to see yourself as beautiful, nor being able to see the beauty surrounding you. 

Remember, that behind real beauty there once lived pain that has been healed, there once lived experiences that have been forgiven, and there, quietly, now resides gratitude in all its glory manifesting as pure beauty - YOU. The extraordinarily beautiful version of you. 

I want nothing more for you than to be beautiful, but the PHx kind of beautiful. I will be your guide. Let me show you how. 


Where to start? 

Are feeling like something is amiss in you and are curious to start your healing and self love journey?

Download your FREE 30-day calendar of self-love & healing; your starter PHx to becoming extraordinarily beautytiful. 


Make sure to follow on IG @The_PHx_Co. 


Or if you’d like 100% curated coaching and tools relevant only to you using The PHx framework, consider 1-1 coaching. You’re one click away to a more fulfilled and peaceful life. 


Oh and one more thing…

I need you to remember that low self esteem & lack of self love, isn’t a life sentence. YOU can change that. Let beauty become your anchor. 

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