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Sensuality Rebirthed

“The Birth of Venus’ (c. 1486) (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

I find it coincidental that I decided to make my first blog post under the new and revamped The PHx Co. just after Easter.

Easter, as we all know, is the Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. If you’re not a Christian, this day simply becomes another overeating holiday full of bunnies, chocolates and big delicious roasted ham. It’s especially fun when you have kids and do the whole “hiding-of-easter-eggs-kids-running-around-with-screams-of-delight- as-they-find-half-melted-chocolate-eggs” ritual. Everyone is hopped up (pun intended) on sugar by 10am and crashing by 11. It’s truly joyful.

Since, however, I embarked on my PHx path a couple of decades ago, Easter time also takes on a more sensual experience. By sensual I mean a more sexy and exciting experience within me.

A little brief history: Before Christianity’s Easter, Easter time used to be a celebration of the spring equinox (where the amount of dark and the amount of daylight is exactly identical, so the light and dark come into balance). This used to be considered a sacred time. People used to map their whole lives according to patterns in nature. Thus spring promised rebirth, fertility and new life…hence the bunny…prolifically procreating like life. It’s all wonderful symbolism.

With that, springtime and this promise of renewal and rebirth, to me starts right after Easter. Not in March because it’s still chilly. In my imagination, leading the charge right into spring is none other than Botticelli’s - Birth of Venus. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. Actually, her full title is Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory.

Wow! What a title and what a way to start springtime.

Hence, I bring you full circle as to why Easter feels like a sensual experience. Sensuality is about engaging your senses. Sensuality is also a way that we live in our bodies through fun, joy, celebration and of course, pleasure.

So within me, I recognize a rebirth or a renewal. I am leaving the dark yet cozy winter and rebirthing into spring. I think of the ideas or projects I'd like to give birth to this year. What are the desires I’d like to manifest? How can I invite prosperity into my life and where are the areas I want to be victorious in? What do I want my life to look, smell and feel like? What sensual experiences do I want to allow into my life?

And this I’ve done with the rebirth of Philosoxy into The PHx Co. I have given birth to a new version of philosoxy. One that is focused more on healing our life and woman woes through the lens of beauty and sensuality. A safe space where we will keep each other company as we journey and renew our lenses of beauty, truth, sensuality, desire and prosperity.

So with that, I invite you to look at this moment as a season of renewal. What would you like to change? What do you desire to work on about yourself this year? Choose the sensual path, the one that engages all your senses.

Welcome to your rebirth. Let The PHx Co be your guide.

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